On the Plane

I was on a flight from Manchester England to Chicago. I was in my seat reading a book for my Stephens’ Ministry called, God Loves You by David Jeremiah. There was a lady across the aisle next to me that may have been in her 50s. She started a conversation by asking me about the book I was reading.

I explained how He first loved us and how we need to love Him and know Him as our Savior. She kept saying, “Really?” Because she kept asking “Really?” I read her a portion of the book. As we were getting off the plane she said, “I really enjoyed talking with you!”

Later we saw each other again in the customs line. She came over and grabbed ahold of me with a big hug. She told me she loved meeting me on the flight loved what she learned. At this point she was in tears.

I asked her if she knew the Lord. She said, “I do now!”

She said she really appreciated how much time I took speaking with her. She has a whole new perspective on how the Lord has been working in her life.

It was a wonderful time!

– Patricia Lathrop

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