I belong to a couple of clubs — both formal and informal.  They all know that I attend church and that God is important to me. Since many people seem to feel they “have faith,”  it has not gone beyond them knowing that I believe in Jesus …. and many of them are nominal in their beliefs. I am not sure how to go beyond that.

With the second category — sharing online — I am involved in an evangelical ministry that posts gospel messages (short ones in easy-to-read English for the non-English speaker). The messages are posted online.  I hear from people all over the world and have sent gospel messages to people across the Maghreb, from Algeria to Pakistan, as well as elsewhere in the world. I hear a lot from people in India and Africa. At the same time ( recently) that the GP team was ministering in one African country, I was corresponding with a church secretary in this same country who wanted to know how to increase church membership and involvement of believers in evangelism.  We talked about things that her church could do……the conversation eventually moved to a serious ethical problem that needed addressed. So yes—.Occasionally these conversations become in-depth.  I remember another conversation with one woman in South Africa  who asked  a question, and when I answered her, she wrote back and said ‘I prayed that prayer exactly as you wrote it.” Sent chills down my spine!!  I hear from people of all ages and both sexes and with a multitude of personal problems and addictions and worries. You might say, this is my nitch when it comes to sharing my faith. I also go on a website that is concerned with the relationship of science and faith and get into interesting conversations there. Some of these people also are more skeptical or agnostic — or just confused — than believing.  They do challenge me sometimes, but the challenge goes both ways in these conversations. I think this is about all I can say.

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