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praying for a friend at work

A woman that have worked closely with for the last 6 years or so has, for the last couple of months, been struggling as she sees makes plans for end-of-life care for her mother.  I had an opportunity to sit and pray with her a few months ago.  Sharing one’s faith need not always include…

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Of friends and games

I play an online video game with a group of friends (that I met in the course of playing the game) most nights.  It’s a cooperative game and when we aren’t talking specific game related strategies and tactics we talk about work and family.  I’ve been playing in this group for around 2 years now…

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I belong to a couple of clubs — both formal and informal.  They all know that I attend church and that God is important to me. Since many people seem to feel they “have faith,”  it has not gone beyond them knowing that I believe in Jesus …. and many of them are nominal in…

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