Christmas Shopping

I was Christmas shopping for my wife.  The manager of the store asked how my business was going.  She was particularly interested in where we found “seasonal employees,” those that came in to work during our busy peak season.  I shared when we are need of employees at any point of the year, we pray.  And God provides all the employees we ever need.  She was curious and asked if I really believed God was interested in how well-staffed we were.   I was able to share that God loves my employees and potential employees a lot more than I do.  And that He wants all of us to live abundant lives.  Eventually I was able to share that those living the most abundant lives are those that have a close relationship with the One whose birthday we’re about to celebrate.   She said over the last 20 minutes I’d given her a lot to think about.  I’ll check back in with her after the first of the year to see what thinking she’s done.

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