On a Business Trip

I was travelling earlier this month and met up with a few colleagues from around the country.  One was from Las Vegas and I asked him about the recent tragedy there and how the community was recovering.  He said the incident remains in the forefront of the community’s mind but more importantly his family was impacted.  His daughter had two friends who were shot at the concert.  One was killed and one remains in recovery.

I asked how his daughter is dealing with her loss and encouraged him to remain close to her, consider getting her some counseling and pray for her.  I then talked about how I pray for my 3 daughters and their interactions with the world around us.  Then I shared a few things about the God I pray to.  How He’s a caring and loving God.  I shared with him that God did the most loving thing He could do which was to give up His Son for us.

I explained what I meant by “for us.”  Jesus led a perfect, sinless life.  He didn’t deserve to die.  We have not led a perfect life.  In fact, far from it.  And as a result of our imperfect life, we’ve earned an eternity separated from God.  But because God is a loving, grace-filled One, He’s offered to take on our imperfection so we can spend all of eternity with Him instead of separated from Him.  I explained that when we accept this gift and follow His lead, we become His!

Now why he didn’t fall to his knees and accept Christ at that moment, I have no idea! But he didn’t. 🙁  But I feel like I followed what God wanted me to do.


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